3Demographic Site Analysis


Throughout the term, you will create the components of a research paper, which will be submitted in its entirety in Week 7. The paper will involve researching the demographic profile of a specific market area (for example, where you live), identifying healthcare needs based on that profile, proposing a specific health service or product based on those needs, and developing a basic marketing plan for that service or product.

Three separate components will be submitted in Weeks 3, 5, and 6, respectively. In addition, you will compile all three components, make any needed changes, and submit the entire paper in Week 7.

Week 3Demographic Site Analysis

  1. What does this demographic profile tell you about potential healthcare utilization and health behaviors?
  2. What does the profile tell you about the needed healthcare services or products?
  3. Are all of these needs currently being met by the existing healthcare organizations? If not, which needs to represent a market opportunity?


The demographic site analysis provides a summary of a specific market area. For this paper component, you will choose a specific geographic area (locality, ZIP code, or census tract) and prepare a demographic profile of the people who live in that area from data available at the website of the U.S. Census Bureau (www.census.gov) or another reputable demographic sources (for example, the local Chamber of Commerce, a state hospital association, or another government source). This profile should provide specific demographic information about the population, including relevant facts and figures. For example, you might include information on population growth, gender, race, and ethnicity, education level, marital status, age ranges, or income ranges. If available, you might also include data regarding the health characteristics of your market population. Data are sometimes available from local or state health departments or from national health registries (such as the CDC). You are encouraged to include graphs or charts that help describe the demographics of your geographic area (at least one is required).

You will also include a brief overview of the healthcare organizations currently serving this market. Briefly identify and describe the hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare service providers in this area.

After preparing the demographic and market profile, you will then analyze potential healthcare needs that one might anticipate in this geographic area. Your analysis should address the following questions.

The length of the demographic site analysis should be 600 to 800 words. You should cite all sources in APA style, both in text and at the end of the document. You are required to have at least three sources to support this component of the Course Paper.

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