A Primer on Physical Therapy Assistant Education

(Use your own words, can be TYPED).

Chapter 4: A Primer on Physical Therapy Assistant Education

Read Pages 39-48

1)Summarize “PTA Education”(5pts)

2)Review Table 4-2;

What is accreditation & why is it important? (4pts)

a.Who is the accrediting body for Physical Therapy Education?

b.Is the FNU PTA Program Accredited?

3)What is the Goal of PTA Education?(1pt)

4)What are the principles of performance evaluation in PTA education? (5pts)

a.Why is competency-based education so important in this field?

b.How can “mastery” be obtained?

Chapter 6: Student Performance Evaluation

Read Pages 61-70

1)In the program, the exams are most often made up of multiple-choice questions. Provide at least three methods that can be helpful when answering a multiple choice question.

a.Review Table 6-1.

2)What are the most important concepts when answering a short answer question?

3)How can you effectively answer a prompted essay question?

4)What do you think is the most important factor once you have completed a writing assignment?

Practical Examinations or Performance Assessments; Lab Exams and Skills Checks. (5pts)

•The “How to Guide”!

oRead the example case provided on Pg. 65 in text box.

1)Summarize what you understand from this case and what you are being asked to complete in your “Rx” (treatment) plan by your PT.

•Read the sample case and rubric that your Professors provide you with PRIOR to exam day – you have these examples as study tools!

•Make a treatment plan, practice with a timer.

oTreatments are TIMED, so are exams!

•Practice makes perfect!

oCreate scenarios with classmates and mix it up!

Like a game of Truth or Dare except this would be “Question or Skill”. Make a set of flashcards, pull a flash card – do it or answer it.

Ex: Question; what primary muscles extend the knee? Where to they originate and insert?

Ex: Skill; correctly perform the manual muscle test to assess strength of the Quadriceps on B legs.

2)Provide an example & create your own; “question” card & “skills” card – one of each.

•Before the skills check or lab exam day, ASK questions for clarification. USE YOUR EMAIL.

Review Table 6-3 & 6-4. (1pt)

oWhat is a red flag? Why is it important to always meet these criteria with every practical examination?


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