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Lastly, please read the short articles in the 2019 ADHA Acess Journal (provided in the module) which describes actions in advocacy (pgs 4-13):

McGregor, M. (2019, November). The future of licensure for dental hygienists in the United States. Access ADHA Advocacy and You, pp 4–8.

ADHA (2019, November). State Line. Access ADHA Advocacy and You, pp 9–12.

Mackey, J. T. (2019, November). Advocacy victories across the country. Access ADHA Advocacy and You, pp. 12–13.

After reading the required pages in the articles in the ADHA November 2019 Access Magazine, the DHBC booklet and the DHBC newsletter, please reflect on what you’ve read. In no more than 3 pages, answering the following:

  • What were the 3-4 most important things you learned from the readings?
  • What changes would you like to see in dental hygiene (for example, scope of practice, level of supervision…) and why? (be specific)
  • How do you think stakeholders (DH students, faculty, practicing hygienist, patients) can contribute to changes in the laws and regulations in Dental Hygiene?


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