Learning a language is not a task that is achieved in one semester; it is a life-long endeavor. Being able to communicate

in another language means connecting with its speakers in an intimate and powerful way. When someone uses your

native language to speak to you, the walls that seemed to divide you both begin to dissipate. One does not need perfect

speech to achieve this; oftentimes, the simple attempt is enough.

The purpose of this class is to equip you with the tools and resources so that you can continue your language journey, a

journey that has no end. That said, learning a language is particularly challenging. Some might say it is the most difficult

task that they will attempt.

As college instructors, we are gate keepers. It is our duty to ensure that all students are held to the same standard and

that they master the concepts that the course is designed to teach. All students must go through the same process.

However, in their attempt to reach their destination more easily, some choose to take shortcuts. In the academic

setting, we call this academic dishonesty.

It is the instructor’s responsibility to ensure students develop responsibility and integrity. This is achieved when students

complete their own work without the aid of anyone or anything except the materials and tools that the instructors

provides or allows.

In our course, you should access your textbook, course lecture notes and videos, and an online or print Spanish-English

dictionary. An online dictionary that you may use is WordReference

( Students are forbidden from using online translators to translate complete sentences. Use of

online translators equates to cheating.

As the instructor of this course, it is my ethical duty to investigate any suspicion of cheating. If I come to believe that a

student has used an online translator to translate a complete sentence, I will contact the student and set up a

conference call to investigate the suspicion. Our institution and department take academic integrity very seriously. I

highly discourage you from using an online translator, since it is unethical, dishonest and its use is obvious to a specialist

of the language.


Answer each question in a minimum of three (3) sentences for a total of more than 12 sentences.

1) How would you define integrity?

2) What role does integrity play in the academic setting?

3) Why do some students choose to cheat or plagiarize? Is there ever a valid reason for committing acts of academic

dishonesty? Why or why not?

4) How does academic dishonesty ultimately hurt the learning process?

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