1.  Bedford Reader: read the 10 Methods for Achieving your Purpose in Writing (found on 1st pg, not pg.1)

Write 2 paragraphs about your opinion of using these methods in  writing, what are the benefits, etc.

2.  Critically read and annotate Nancy Mairs essay entitled, “Disability”pg. 12

Write a one page essay answering these questions and addressing these issues:

  • Include your opinions, thoughts and feelings about the essay overall.  Back up your comments with quotes from the essay.”
  • What does Mairs mean when she states, “some disabled people call you TAP, Temporarily Abled Persons?”  and ….”you can join involutarily , without warning at any time”.
  • Heading on the first page, name, date, course and my name
  • reference on the bottom, especially because you will be quoting
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  • attachment

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