Activity-Capstone Paper

Activity-Capstone Paper: Revisit the course syllabus goals, objectives, and class schedule. Review all the material learned including textbook chapters, quizzes, assigned articles, blogs, WEAs, and activities. Make note of the learning material that had the greatest impact on you. Now write a 2-3 page paper including an introduction, main body, summary/conclusion, and references. Synthesize your thoughts in major themes (such as those used as textbook chapter titles) and highlight the key points learned pertaining to health and nutrition in the older adult. Please integrate your knowledge, related themes, and write with personal experience and interest. Cite facts from the textbook, class assigned articles, and websites using APA 5.0.

Submit your capstone paper using the Module 10 Paper Submission. Please upload an MS Word (or rich-text) file or use the HTML creator to format your submission in the submission box provided.  A total of 20 points are possible.

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