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one paragraph with intext citation and reference follow up discussion for the above discussion. Further the dialogue by providing more information and clarification. Provide feedback on whether you agree or disagree with their criticism. Explain why. Build on their posts by providing additional insight of your own


These article  informative about floating at the hospital setting, this can be scary to oriented to another unit. According to O’Connor, Karen BSN, RN (2017). Floating is a resource sharing often used by healthcare institutions to remedy staffing shortages. For nurses, being sent to work on another unit where patient needs are different than those usually encountered in their home unit.  The major concepts that are said in the different articles is that no matter which unit a nurse may be asked to float to the goal is to provide safe and competent care. it can also pose a threat as well. The floating nurses to unfamiliar units and assigning them to tasks that they do not perform often, can be risky and put patient’s harm. Working with an unfamiliar patient population can ultimately threaten patient safety and puts the organization at risk. According to O’Connor Floating is used as a cost-effective mean which organization used.

  1. What steps would you take in this scenario to ensure a safe transition into the unfamiliar unit?

A clear resource plan should be in place when nurses float to unfamiliar units. The charge nurse should orient the float nurse to the unit, partner the float nurse with another experienced nurse as a resource. Specific required unit documentation, safety procedures, and unit-specific protocols. And state what you are comfortable with as nurse when you are oriented to the other unit.

  1. Why are these steps important?

These steps are important, they provide safety to both the patient and the nurse. This also enable nurse to have understanding of the unit and provide better care to the patients.

  1. What are some of the legal ramifications that can occur if you accept assigned that is out of your scope of practice?

Practicing out of scope, can put RN into the legal jeopardy such as negligent.


O’Connor, Karen BSN, RN; Dugan, Jamie L. RN Addressing floating and patient safety, Nursing: February 2017 – Volume 47 – Issue 2 – p 57-58

doi: 10.1097/01.NURSE.0000511820.95903.78

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