American People


Read Schroeder’s article “We Can Do Better—Improving the Health of the American PeopleShattuck Lecture” NEJM, 2007 located in the Reading & Study folder for this module/week. Discuss the following points in your thread.
Describe the 2 reasons Schroeder gives to explain why the US ranks poorly on many health measures in spite of spending more money than other countries on health care. What other single factor would you suggest that might also contribute to this paradox?
In what ways is the problem of obesity in America like the now decreasing problem of tobacco use? In what ways is it different?
The pie chart illustrating the 5 proportional categories contributing to premature death in the US are based on total US population mortality. How might these percentages change if the chart were to be redrawn to reflect populations living in poverty in inner cities? People living in poverty in rural areas? Suggest new percentages for each and explain why you think as you do.
Social determinants of health are relatively new considerations as predictors of premature death, yet a growing body of research indicates their contribution is strong. Name a social determinant and describe a possible role for the Church in ameliorating it.


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