Annotated Bibliography Instructions


In Module/Week 2’s Topic Selection, you chose one of the non-traditional views of the days of Genesis 1 to compare/contrast it with a traditional 24-hour day, young-Earth view of Genesis 1 for your research paper due in Module/Week 7.

In this Annotated Bibliography assignment you will provide a total of at least five sources and briefly summarize their relevance to your paper. You must follow current Turabian format for all citations.

  • Two of these sources will be books, book chapters, journal articles, substantive web articles or online videos from a proponent explaining a non-traditional view of Genesis 1. Only one online video is allowed, the other source must be a written text.
  • Three additional citations from young-Earth creation journals, books, substantive web articles, or online videos are required for a critique of the non-traditional view. One source must come from the list of theology-trained 24-hour day proponents listed below. Only one online video is allowed, the other sources must be written texts.
  • Following each citation, you will provide a brief, 60–80-word description of the source, highlighting its relevance to the view you have chosen to study.


The non-traditional views the days of Genesis 1 from which you selected previously are provided, along with notable proponents:

  • Ancient Science / Mythology Denis Lamoureux, Peter Enns
  • Analogical Days John Collins
  • Cosmic Temple John Walton
  • Gap Theory Thomas Chalmers, Arthur Custance, C. I. Scofield
  • Framework Hypothesis Richard Averbeck, Meredith Kline
  • Progressive Creation / Day-Age Hugh Ross, Gleason Archer
  • Theological History Tremper Longman III


Notable theology-trained proponents of the traditional 24-hour day, young-Earth view include:

  • William Barrick
  • Todd Beall
  • Stephen Boyd
  • Andrew Kulikovsky
  • Terry Mortenson
  • Hans Madueme
  • Thane Ury
  • William VanDoodewaard
  • John Whitcomb


Young-Earth creation peer-reviewed literature sources:

Answers Research Journal (

Creation Research Society Quarterly (

Journal of Creation (


Additional young-Earth web sources (please focus on technical articles rather than general ones): (copy the URL for this link and paste it into your browser)


Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 4.

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