Antigone II: Quiz

Question 11 pts
What is Creon’s reaction toward Teiresais the prophet when he first appears?
Group of answer choices

suspicion, because he is afraid that Teiresais has been bribed

anger because Teiresais had not been summoned

haste, because he is trying to find his son, Haemon

respect because Creon has always followed the advice of Teiresais in the past

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Question 21 pts
Immediately after hearing from Teiresais, what advice does the Chorus give?
Group of answer choices

They continue to support Creon in his determination to uphold the law

They withhold their own judgment because it is for the king to decide

They advise Creon to free Antigone and bury Polynices

None. They lament that the fate has once again brought tragedy to Thebes

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Question 31 pts
When Haemon first approaches his father, how does Creon react?
Group of answer choices

He consoles Haemon because he knows how upset he will be.

He warns Haemon not to interfere with the punishment of Antigone.

He asks Haemon to show his loyalty to Thebes by supporting the sentence passed on Antigone.

He seeks reassurance that his son respects and love him.

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Question 41 pts
How does Eurydice die?
Group of answer choices

She hangs herself

She drinks poison

She falls on a sword or sharp knife

She collapses in grief and doesn’t get up. (A broken heart)

Flag question: Question 5

Question 51 pts
How does Antigone die?
Group of answer choices

She stabs herself

She suffocates because she is buried alive.

She is stoned to death

She hangs herself

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