APA, less than 10 % similarity

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APA, less than 10 % similarity


Joyce is a 34-year-old woman who has been married 10 years. She has three children, all less than 10 years old: Sheena (age 9), Jack (age 6), and Beth (age 2). Her husband is a prominent attorney. They present an ideal picture of an upper-middle-class family. They live in a fashionable suburb. The husband has been successful to the extent that he has been made a full partner in a large law firm. The family is very active in church, the country club, and various other social organizations. Joyce is an active member of several charitable, civic, and social groups. Joyce’s initial call to the abuse center was vague and guarded. She expressed an interest in inquiring for “another woman” in regard to the purpose of the center. After she had received information and an invitation to call back, a number of weeks elapsed. Joyce’s second call occurred after receiving a severe beating from her husband.

Joyce tells the crisis worker in the phone:”Well, last night he beat me worse than ever. I thought he was really going to kill me this time. It had been building up for the past few weeks. His fuse was getting shorter and shorter, both with me and the kids. It’s his work, I guess. Finally he came home late last night. Dinner was cold. We were supposed to go out, and I guess it was my fault . . . I complained about his being late, and he blew up. Started yelling that he was gonna teach me a lesson. He started hitting me with his fists . . .knocked me down . . . and then started kicking me. I got up and ran into the bathroom. The kids were yelling for him to stop and he cuffed Sheena . . . God, it was horrible! (Wracked with sobs for more than a minute. CW waits.) I’m sorry, I just can’t seem to keep control.”

As the crisis worker:

1-What typical dynamics did you see occurring—denial, guilt, fear, rationalization, withdrawal, and so on—in the victim? How would you as the crisis worker handle them?

What are some of the domestic violence intervention strategies? Pick one and how would you apply it to the scenario




Rationalization could be observed. When talking to the crisis worker, Joyce is observed attempting to explain why his husband became violent with her and her children. She fails to recognize his husband’s violent nature by arguing that his work could have triggered his violence. She also notes that the food was cold, and they were supposed to go about when her husband arrived, which could be why he became angry and violent. Guilt can also be identified; Joyce contemplates whether her husband’s complaints coming home late led to her husband being violent.


Crisis-oriented services and the first response team’s interventions can be provided to Joyce. The first response team comprising trained advocates who accompany the police officers responding to domestic violence calls can effectively deter offenders of legal consequences of violent behavior (Stark & Buzawa, 2009). First response teams also inform the victim about the available community services and resources available. Counseling services can also be provided to Joyce to empower her to regain her sense of personal power.

Children intervention services are also effective for Joyce’s case. Presently, domestic violence victim service programs incorporate children’s services since they are equally affected by the violence perpetrated both to their mothers and themselves. For instance, both Joyce and her children experienced were physically assaulted. The children intervention services include counseling, support, and education groups where the children are taught how to deal with anger, label their feelings, and developing safety skills.


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