Apology of Socrates Quiz

Question 12 pts
Why does Socrates refuse to seek sympathy by bringing his wife and five children forward in tears?
Group of answer choices

He wants to preserve his reputation for being noble

Because he is stubborn

Because he has no respect for the jury

He is not afraid to die

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Question 22 pts
After his initial speech, Socrates is found guilty. The vote to convict Socrates
Group of answer choices

was not even close. He failed to persuade the jury.

came as a total surprise to him because he gave a powerful speech.

cost Athens a lot of money

was close. If a few votes shifted he would have been found innocent.

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Question 32 pts
The penalty imposed upon Socrates was death. Socrates makes a prophesy to the jurors who voted to condemn him to death. What is it?
Group of answer choices

The Thirty Tyrants will retake Athens.

The Delphic Oracle will send ghosts to haunt their dreams.

That they will be sent to Hades after they die.

Socrates would be followed by others who will compel them to give an account of their lives.

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Question 42 pts
Socrates tells us that he tried to avoid participating in politics. Otherwise, he said, he would have perished quickly. What reason does he give?
Group of answer choices

He was old

He was too poor to join an oligarchy.

No human being can survive if he or she is determined to prevent unjust and illegal things from happening in the city.

He was in favor of oligarchy (rule of the wealthy) but Athens was a democracy.

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Question 52 pts
In the penalty phase of the trial, he accusers of Socrates ask for death. What does Socrates initially propose as an alternative?
Group of answer choices

a command to stop pursuing philosophy

life imprisonment

a reward for benefiting the city

exile from Athens

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