Application Assignment

For this Application Assignment, consider contemporary social media tools and other communication technology tools you referred to in your discussion that are available to you. Think about which tools could provide your public health campaign the greatest scope and which social media tools might be most appropriate for the public health issue you selected. Also, consider the population you may be interested in reaching, and how social media may be best utilized for that population.
Communication Tools (2-3 pages)
Describe and justify the types of communication and social media tools you would like to use in the dissemination of your campaign
Explain two reasons why the tools you selected are appropriate for your target audience
Explain two ways you might adjust your public health message based on the type of social media you may use in your public health campaign
Explain three reasons why it may be necessary to adjust your message depending upon age, community, and potential literacy levels of your target audience
Describe two ways you plan to market your public health campaign
My healthcare topic is Stress. So if you are answering the question focus on stress. The section highlighted are the questions you have to focus on when answering the question.

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