Application of Epidemiology in Community Health Nursing


Assignment 2: Application of Epidemiology in Community Health Nursing | Value 20%

Due Date: Negotiable. However, it is recommended that you work through Section I: Units 1-3 prior to completing work on this assignment. (Please check above link)


The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate utilization of epidemiology research related to the health of the community.

Assignment Guidelines

Determine a specific population that you would like to have more information about, this should be the same population chosen for assignment 1 and the one you anticipate to use for assignment 3 and 4).

Use the Athabasca University Library Databases to search the epidemiology literature. Students will:

  • Find an applicable research article on your chosen topic.
  • Summarize and critique your chosen research article.
  • Consider how this research could be integrated into nursing practice.
  • Your work will achieve the maximum value/grade if it is succinct and insightful and clearly shows how you have applied the theory learned to a practical situation.


Your critique should include, but is not limited to the following:

  • What type of study design is it? Provide rationale.
  • Are the findings reported consistent with information/knowledge that you have? Do the reported relationships make sense?
  • If reported, how strong is the observed association?
  • Would you incorporate the findings of this study into your community health nursing practice (i.e., the health promotion program that you are planning) or recommend this study to others? Provide rationale.
  • What further research question(s) would you develop in relation to this study and/or your observations?


When submitting in the assignment dropbox include a copy of the article in PDF along with your completed assignment.

Marking Criteria

  • Each element of the assignment guidelines is addressed.
  • Ability to analyze, evaluate, create, and engage in critical inquiry is evident throughout.
  • Adheres to APA current addition scholarly format – limit of 5 pages (excluding title, reference, and appendix pages).

Submit your completed assignment and PDF copy research article to your tutor via the Assignment 2 Dropbox on the course home page


Instruction Files

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