approximately symmetric.

Find and record the pulse rate of 10 different people where you work. Tell us a little about the population from which you drew your data. Describe your findings in terms of central tendency and variability.

Consider using some of the following to help you form your initial discussion post:

What are your measures of central tendency (i.e., mean, median, and mode)? Which might be the better measure for central tendency and why?

What is the standard deviation of your data? How variable are the data (range)?

Are there any outliers? Investigate possible reasons for these outliers, and things that might limit them if further study were to be carried out.

What are some variables that should be considered in discussing your measures of central tendency and variation? Is there any skewness in your measured data?

How would you describe this data (i.e. what insights did you gain from this data)?

When you post your data, it works best to put it in one line with commas between. Feel free to use the Excel spreadsheet or an online calculator for your calculations. Just use it as an additional resource.

Make sure you discuss both central tendency and variability. Tell me the reason why you chose the measures you did.

When looking at outliers, explain how you decided that they were outliers. There are several methods of doing this.

It is also good to discuss whether the data is skewed, or approximately symmetric.

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