High Musculoskeletal Diagnostics Research Paper

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Assignments: Students may choose a test to research from the following list. However, only two initial postings per test is allowed. The earlier you post your initial posting the more choices you will have. Please try to cover as many tests as possible within the class. Your initial posting is due on Wednesday this week and to earn maximum points you will have to respond to at least TWO classmates by Sunday with meaningful responses that help further the conversation and add depth. You will not earn points for responses that do not include a reference or responses that include” I agree” or ” I did not know….”.

C-reactive protein


Synovial fluid analysis


Bone densitometry

Bone x-rays


Rheumatoid factor

Spinal x-ray

Uric Acid; blood and urine

Vitamin D

Bone turnover biochemical markers


CT Scan

PET Scan

Antinuclear Antibodies

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate




Alkaline phosphatase

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