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market must

In order for an undifferentiated targeting strategy to be effective, the market must be          . is the process of dividing the total market into groups. If a firm uses one marketing mix to target a single market segment, it is using a(n)          . In marketing, characteristics of potential customers that are used to divide them into markets […]


Part A:Compose a letter to introduce yourself to the person you have chosen as if you were applying for a job with their company. How would you “grab” their attention when they will be receiving hundreds of letters for the position? What did you learn about their communication skills that helped you decide what to […]

market drivers

I look forward to see your analysis and insights. 1.How do market drivers and trends factor into the development of a successful positioning strategy for JFFD in West Hollywood? 2.What market needs or pain points does JFFD address specifically with its product and open kitchen model? 3. Does JFFD’s messaging strategy have a global appeal […]

Bottom of Form

in the future.When writing your response you should synthesise the theory with real-world experience and use examples of the theories in action in a real organisation about which you have read or one in which you have worked (Real estate sector in UAE). References; Baisya, R.K. (2014) ‘Future of aesthetics in marketing’, Review of Management, […]

ABC Toys Inc

ABC Toys Inc. is trying to determine whether to make significant alterations to their best selling product line. ABC has hired a marketing research company to perform focus group analysis in order to get a better idea of the demand for the changes The marketing analysis is expected to show a 65% positive outlook and […]


What is an Offering? Select one of your favorite products and describe it terms of its: features benefits price total cost of ownership Be sure you refer to these concepts in the week’s readings before tackling this description. Then, identify where your product would fall on the product/service continuum and why you chose that location. […]

r communications class;

Need help wording my answers better for communications class; below are questions regarding the course my answers are below the questions, just want to be able to better word my answers. What works, what doesn’t? I felt as the discussions did not only help the communication between my fellow students but also to get a […]

understand something

Please answer me those question in True or False and also explain why? 1. If you read and understand something written several centuries ago, is this communication? 2. Can an inanimate object (clouds, an ocean, etc.) communicate to a person? 3. If you send a letter to someone who never receives it, but someone else reads and understands […]

Tired Ms. Larson

he school day ended. Tired Ms. Larson took her classroom problems home with her. She shared her concerns at an informal cocktail party, particularly her frustration with teaching English in the Ethiopian government school. “For three years, I’ve tried to get these girls to behave like normal human beings, to have some pride, to hold up their heads, […]

current customers

Who are the current customers/users of Old Spice? Include information related to demographics, psychographics and buying behavior, price sensitivity, customer satisfaction and loyalty. For example: You could include information such as whether the brand is trying to appeal to a certain social or cultural group and how customers perceive the product/brand. It’s also possible to […]