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Question 1 1 pts Please rate yourself on your sense of social responsibility including your ability to demonstrate a sense a fairness, justice, and equity for all and to demonstrate sensitivity and empathy. Group of answer choices Exceeds expectations – I believe I do this exceptionally well. Clearly meets expectations – I believe I am […]

Quiz: Dispositions Reflection

The quiz: Covers the Learn material from Module 1: Week 1 and Module 8: Week 8. Contains 9 multiple-choice and 1 essay questions. Is limited to 60 minutes. Allows 1 attempt. Is worth 10 points. This Dispositions Reflection quiz will ask you to rate yourself on the nine dispositions required for this program by our accrediting bodies using the following scale: Exceeds expectations – […]

national health insurance

This discussion explores the differences between national health insurance (NHI) and national health service (NHS) systems. The key features of health care systems in the United States and a number of nations with similar levels per capita income are examined, highlighting health system issues such as provider payments, coordination of care, workforce and information technology, […]

Discussion 8.1: Upper and Lower Respiratory Disorders

Reference Garzon Maaks, D.L., Barber Starr, N., Brady, M.A., Gaylord, N.M., Driessnack, M., & Duderstadt,  K. (2021). Burns’ pediatric primary care (7th ed.). Elsevier. ISBN: 978-0323581967 Rhinosinusitis It can be very challenging differentiating between different respiratory conditions in our pediatric population. Describe a situation that you have diagnosed and treated in your practicum experience. Include […]

Heart Murmurs

Reference Garzon Maaks, D.L., Barber Starr, N., Brady, M.A., Gaylord, N.M., Driessnack, M., & Duderstadt,  K. (2021). Burns’ pediatric primary care (7th ed.). Elsevier. ISBN: 978-0323581967   As a FNP you will get the opportunity to diagnose heart murmurs. This usually causes panic in parents, so you need to understand what you are hearing. Describe […]

Crime Scene Investigation

Crime Scene Investigation Preliminary investigations do not necessarily yield enough information to prosecute a criminal case. Despite a thorough preliminary investigation, many cases require a follow-up investigation. For this assignment, select a recent criminal case in your city or local geographical area from the past six months. Consider how you would investigate this case. Write a […]

Week 3 Discussion

Please respond to the following: From the Discussion Preparation activity, identify and discuss the top three goals of an investigatory search. Next, discuss the “elephant-in-a-matchbox” doctrine and how failure to adhere to this doctrine could result in a violation of Fourth Amendment requirements regarding reasonable searches and seizures. What challenges do you see that might make […]

Week 2 Discussion

Please respond to the following: According to your textbook, Criminal Investigation, to write an effective report, you must organize your notes and adhere to some basic standards of written English regarding content and form. Departments use either written narrative reports, written in chronological order, or they use box-style law enforcement report forms for specific offenses […]

Recent Supreme Court Rulings

Recent Supreme Court Rulings Recent controversial Supreme Court Rulings have dominated the 24-hour news cycle. In this case study, you will review a recent judicial decision and determine its impact on society. Using the Strayer University Online Library, research Supreme Court rulings made in the last five years. Write a 2–3 page paper in which […]

Week 2 discussion

Review a recent controversial Supreme Court ruling (Citizenship rights for immigrants, LGBTQIA+ rights, freedom of speech and religion, pro-life vs. reproductive rights sides, workplace discrimination) and summarize the case outlining the effects the ruling had on law, precedent, and social policy. Provide feedback to one classmate addressing how thoroughly they summarized and outlined the Supreme […]