beginning of this course

Final Paper – At the beginning of this course, we read an article written by the President of Bowdoin College that described a liberal arts education as ‘intellectual fearlessness as achieved through the development and enhancement of competence, community, and character.’  In a 1000-word essay, how does the history of Bellevue measure up to that statement?  Also, do those values matter in a healthcare environment? All articles that were required reading and the Bellevue text are required as references.  Additional references are encouraged but not required.  For full credit, the paper must be type-written in APA format (No cover page or abstract is necessary) and answer the following questions:

Over the years, has Bellevue provided an ‘intellectually fearless’ atmosphere?

Has Bellevue successfully developed competence, community, and character during its long, ‘storied’ history?

Do the values of a liberal arts education fit into the medical-science world of Bellevue Hospital?


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