Biblical Theology Assignment Instructions




Upon successful completion of this module, you will construct a biblical theology of ministry and incorporate major areas of systematic theology. This module allows you to make the connection between a biblical theology and rationale for ministry through defining key theological terms.



  • Using the definitions from your definitions of key theological terms and the readings about spiritual formation from the Ecologies book, develop a biblical theology for ministry, addressing the following components:
    • Identify specific ways that ministry events should be informed by theological terms. How do the terms you defined specifically inform how ministry events should be developed?
    • Discuss specific ways that spiritual formation can be facilitated through ministry events. Based on the chapters that you read and the Discussions, what is your understanding of the role that ministry events can play in a person’s spiritual development.
    • Outline your understanding of whole person development as spiritual formation. What does it mean to develop as whole-persons from a biblical-spiritual point of view? Be very specific.
    • Compare and contrast ministry programs that have aligned with biblical theology. Discuss events that you believe have been informed by key theological concepts and those that you believe have not been influenced by a proper biblical theology.
  • This assignment must be 1,000–2,000 words, not including the title page and bibliography, and must incorporate elements from the course readings to date.
  • The paper should also incorporate at least 3 biblical references.
  • Current Turabian format must be used.
  • Edit for typos, spelling, grammar, and style


Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool.



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