Blood Pressure

Why should propranolol be avoid for clients with asthma?
Suggested pharmacology learning activity: Blood Pressure
A client has been prescribed warfarin. What are some common medication interactions for this medication?
Suggested pharmacology learning activity: Anticoagulants
Identify two (2) baseline labs the nurse anticipates the healthcare provider to order before starting a client on lovastatin.

Suggested Pharmacology Learning Activity:  Antilipemic Agents
While assessing a patient two hours after a transurethral prostatectomy (TURP), the nurse notes the catheter drainage is bright red in color and contains many clots.

Name the priority nursing intervention.
Suggested Medical Surgical Learning Activity: Male Reproductive Disorders

A nurse is caring for a client with Cushing’s disease.  Identify five (5) clinical manifestations of Cushing’s disease.  Identify laboratory changes associated with this syndrome.

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