boiling down large amounts of data:



In this assignment, you will be boiling down large amounts of data: to information and to usable knowledge. You will be analyzing data by creating a chart, and you will use this information to inform a decision to address the issue of who created the most frequent errors.


Your institution monitors how many persons do not perform hand hygiene (error) upon entering and leaving patient rooms. You have data for three months showing who did not perform hand hygiene. You want to first identify patterns to see when the highest error occurred. Then you want to look at who created the most frequent errors. You will do this by creating two different charts: a Pivot chart and then a Pareto chart.


  1. Download and use the data found in the Hand Hygiene Data (Excel) file.
  2. Create a Pivot chart.
  3. Move the chart to a new Word document.
  4. Follow up the chart with a few bullet points explaining what this data tells you.
  5. Create a Pareto Chart.
  6. Review the”How to Create a Pareto Chart in Excel” video from the Instructional Materials section this week.
  • Sum each row.
  • Sort by the sum largest to smallest.
  • Copy the labels to be next to the sums.
  • Highlight these two columns.
  • Insert a histogram (a Pareto chart).
  1. Add the Pareto chart to a second page of the Word document.
  2. Follow up the chart with a few bullet points explaining which groups are creating approximately 80% of the errors.

Formatting and Mechanics

  • Use landscape orientation for the page layout.
  • Save the file with your name in the filename (for example, josh wk 6_3.docx)

Submit a one- to two-page Word document.

Instruction Files


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