Book Review AssignmentUnit 4

M 410 Nursing Ethics Book Review AssignmentUnit 4 Week 7 Assignment – First, Do No Harm Book ReviewTwo novels will be read to achieve the overall learning objectives for this course.  (There will also be class discussions surrounding overriding themes in the book and relate them to our learning objectives for this course.  See discussion assignment and rubric.)  A book review will be done on First, Do No Harm.  Below is a suggestion of items to include in the review.  This is your review and what follows is only a suggestion of ideas you may want to include.  Bolded items are a must.  The review is to be concise and succinct.  Reviews longer than 1000 words will not be accepted.  Reviews of 500 words will be applauded, and reviews of 300 words or less will be held as exemplars as long as they contain the necessary information and thoughtful, insightful analysis.  Follow APA format, including a title page.  Paragraphs should be organized in thought and be five to seven sentences in length.  The review must contain 1 quote.  See book review rubric or instructor for further questions.  Successful completion of the book review is worth 50 points. Paragraph

1:  Thesis sentence (attention-grabbing), name of the author, book title, main theme or genre, and possibly length, relevant details about who the author is and where he/she stands in the genre or field of inquiry, (You might also consider linking the title to the subject to show how the title explains the subject matter.), the context of the book and/or your review (Place your review in the framework of the implications it has on healthcare that makes sense to your audience and alerts readers to your “take” on the book.  In other words, review it as a nurse and let your audience know this context.), the thesis of the book (Description of the topic and overall perspective, argument or purpose. What specific contribution the book is trying to make?), and your thesis about the book. Paragraph

2:  Summarize the book.   Remember, you only have 5-7 sentences here.    Paragraph

3:  Critical assessment of the content (what was noteworthy, effectiveness or persuasiveness, how it enhanced (or not) your understanding of the issue).  Use tact in your criticism and evidence for your assertions.  Include comparisons to other books.  You may use more paragraphs here but remember to make your point succinctly.  These are busy nurses reading it!   Paragraph

4:  Compare and contrast the book to a current (2019-2020) news event of another ethical dilemma in advancing medical technology.  Paragraph

5: Conclusion:  Restate your thesis.  Include your recommendation as well as the audience it is best suited for.

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