Buddhism and Jainism

“Buddhism and Jainism”

Please respond to the following question sets in at least 250 words and include any sources you use.

1) Define the meaning of “desire” as understood through The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism. Recall a time when you acted or made a decision based upon desire in the Buddhist sense. Explain how your life would be different if you had not made that decision or acted on the basis of your desires in that moment.

2) What causes and solutions can you think of regarding the problem of human suffering according to Buddhism?  Can suffering be entirely avoided in this life?  If so, what are some of the steps one might take to reduce or eliminate suffering in their life? What role do compassion and wisdom play in this process?

3) Explain the key ways in which how the teaching of ahimsa influences the daily lives of Jains. Give at least 3 examples! How might we incorporate ahimsa in our lives in an effort to create a more non-violent society?


In each discussion, you should also respond to at least one of your peers’ posts. Your peer responses should comment on the content of what your peer has written and should include your own knowledge or thoughts on the topic. Aim for 5-6 sentences in each peer response.

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