business process

Portfolio Project: This week discuss a current business process in a specific industry.  Note the following:

-The current business process itself.

-The industry the business process is utilized in.

After explaining the current situation, take the current learning from the course and:

  • Explain a new technology that the business should deploy.  Be specific, don’t only note the type of technology but the specific instance of technology.  (For example, a type of technology is smart automation a specific type of automation is automated light-dimming technology).
  • What are the pros and cons of the technology selected?
  • What various factors the business should consider prior to deploying the new technology?

The above final paper submission should be approx three pages in length.  Include a Cover page info, the body, and on the last page add the APA References.  There should be at least three APA approved (peer reviewed*) references to support your work.

*Peer Reviewed implies it has an author name(s) and relative current publish date under 10-years old. And was reviewed by their peers (and non-opinion information), researched base, data and information driven, i,e. like a textbook, white paper (is fine), or a good peer-reviewed journal.  Avoid non-author information or company PR statements.

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