c elements of this diet

Prepare a short report on the diet of your choice, 1-2 pages in length, in APA format with references.

Include in the report:

1. Basic elements of this diet (be specific but brief).

2. Theoretical premise, and/or background science.

3. What is the duration of the diet? Is a short term or long-term protocol?

4. Perform a pub-med search on your chosen diet, discuss what you found, especially if you do not find anything.

5. What type of patient is it indicated/contraindicated for? Including TCM effects – for ex, will it make a patient blood deficient? Will it make them damp?

6. A 1 page summary handout of the diet that can be saved as a future resource for yourself and patients, you will not receive credit without this.

Examples of diets from which to choose: Blood type diet, Ketogenic diet, GAPS, SCD, Gerson, Macrobiotics, Vegan (China Study), Raw foods, Paleo, Low oxalate diet, Low Salicylate/Phenol diet, Low histamine diet, Anti-inflammatory diet, Metabolic typing, Candida diet, or propose something else that has interested you

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