Calculating Summary Statistics

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Unit 6 Assignment: Calculating Summary Statistics

To see the grading rubric, go to Course Resources / Grading Rubrics

Unit outcomes:

  • Compute the range, variance and standard deviation of a data set.
  • Construct a boxplot and five-point summary of a given data set.
  • Analyze a data set using measures of spread.

Course outcome:

HS311-4: Examine summary statistics of health data in terms of variability.

Calculate the standard deviation of both datasets in the Unit 6 data file, located in Course Documents. In addition, provide for each dataset a five-number summary and construct a box plot using the tools in Word. In a minimum of 250 words, provide the following: (1) Explain the steps you followed to calculate the standard deviation in your own words. (2) Based on the standard deviation, five number summary and box plot, compare and contrast both datasets and describe the conclusions you reach. This assignment should be submitted as a Word document.


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