campus security

 400-500 words

Read the following case scenario and express your ideas concerning campus security. Justify your response by referencing the readings and citing specific arguments found in them.

Case Scenario

Your Chief of Campus Security calls you to tell you that he has received a call from a female student who has been threatened by her husband. The student is in the nursing program and has been pressured by her husband to drop out and stay home to take care of him and the children. He has abused her in the past and has thrown out her books and homework assignments. Because of the physical abuse, she and her children separated from the husband and moved into subsidized housing. However, he has continued to try to get her to move home.

Last evening, he called to tell her that, if she went to class today, he would come on campus and shoot her dead. The student is afraid he will follow through with his threat. Campus Security is concerned for the safety of this student and others who might get in the way of a gun‐wielding husband.

What issues does the scenario create? What leadership competencies are involved? Who should be involved in addressing the situation? What actions would you take? Are there lessons to be learned? (Boggs, & McPhail, 2016, p. 177).


Boggs, G., & McPhail, C. (2016). Practical leadership in community colleges: Navigating today’s challenges. Hoboken, NJ: Jossey-Bass.

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