need to be 5-7 pages

APA formating, minimum of 3 references listed and used,

Paper thoroughly identifies and describes multiple best practices for evaluating information systems

1) Research best practices for evaluating information system

2) Investigate current threats to privacy and security of information systems, including social medai

Author a health informatics case study that focuses on best practices for evaluating information systems and the privacy and security threats related to any real or fictional health informatics issue such as:

  • The electronic medical record
  • Establishing Intranet capability
  • Converting to a Picture Archiving Computer System (PACS)
  • Establishing an Electronic Document Management System (EDOCS)
  • Creation of a health/medical/clinical Knowledge Management (KM) capability
  • Emerging telemedicine capability
  • Social Media Platforms

Please note that these are only examples; you may select other topics.

Useful resources:

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