Care Suffers as Profits Rise

Based on, Care Suffers as Profits Rise answer the following questions: This is discussion 1

  1. What problem within the nursing home industry is the article discussing?
  2. What is the benefit to nursing home providers?
  3. How is the consumer affected?
  • This is discussion 2
  • Based on Gaps Found in Scrutiny of Assisted Living Homes what problem does the article address?  What facts does it use to support the argument?
  • Based on, The American Health Care Association. National Center for Assisted Living Quality Initiative (Links to an external site.), what are the “Assisted Living Goals” as described on the website? Why was the initiative taken?   link is copied

Based on, 2019 Assisted Living NY State Regulatory Review discuss the “Admissions and Retention” policy in NY State.

Please reference in Apa style


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