An important skill for career counselors is having résumé writing skills.  Often clients present with issues related to job or career that affects their interactions with others. School Counselors in secondary schools are required to assist students with résumé development for college and career readiness.  Career Counselors assist clients with résumé development for job and career transitions. You will visit and explore the LU Career Services to submit your résumé for a professional critique to gain the experience of visiting a career center for assistance.  Your will use your critiqued résumé for application to your field experiences (Practicum and Internship). School Counselors will submit their résumé to their Internship Portfolio.



  1. Read the information on résumé writing found Career Services website (see also Elements of a document). The Career Services center is located at the following link:

Click on résumé and portfolios to the left of the screen.

  1. After reading the information found at the Sample Résumés and Résumé Rubric links,compose your own résumé.  Your résumé will be completed as if you are applying for a practicum/internship site.  Do not compose a cover letter—only the résumé.  Make sure your résumé is created in a word document

Now it is time to submit your résumé to the Career Services center for a professional critique.


To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Career Services link


  1. Click on résumé and portfolios to the left of the screen


  1. Under résumés and portfolios you will find a blue highlighted link titled – Submit your Résumé for Critique. Click on this link.


  1. Enter your full Liberty e-mail address as directed when submitting your résumé for critique


  1. Click on submit a new request


  1. For your job title you will indicate your current track (School Counselor or Clinical Mental Health) practicum


  1. Then upload the résumé you created – do not upload a cover letter


  1. Then click edit documents


  1. Finally click on save all answers and submit


  1. The Career Services center will return you critiqued résumé. Once you have received the critiqued résumé make the suggested changes. Then submit your final résumé copy and the Career Services rubric critique (that was emailed to you) to the Assignment Link.







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