Assignment Expectations

  • Find three articles on the same issue/topic.
    • One of the articles must be from a popular periodical or media source, preferably something you may have at home (such as Macleans, Time, Reader’s Digest, or your local newspaper – either print based or online version) or CBC, CTV, or CNN online articles.
    • Your second article must be from a scholarly periodical either print version [e.g. The Canadian Nurse] or retrieved from a database [e.g. AU Library, CINAHL, Medline, etc.].
    • The third article must be from a Web site that is not merely a Web version of a print source. The articles should represent a range of views; in other words, these articles should not all agree.
  • The introduction includes a thesis that prepares your reader for the general topic the articles address, the issues they raise, and the position you will be taking.
  • Summarize each article separately by stating in your own words the important information presented in each article and any arguments the authors make.
    • Do not paraphrase the whole article; present the main points briefly—each summary should be one paragraph long, two at the most.
    • When summarizing, it is not appropriate to dwell on extended examples (such as personal case histories or stories); you do not need to summarize complex statistical parts of a study.
    • You should focus on the main ideas and issues discussed. You could briefly refer to any specific personal stories or statistical sections of the piece (using one or two sentences).
  • Respond to the three articles by:
    • comparing the authors’ credibility, documentation, and support for claims;
    • evaluating any disagreements or agreements between the authors; and
    • articulating your own position on their ideas or issues. This means more than just stating your opinion; you must also explain it.
  • Describe how your personal and professional values influence your views on this issue.
  • Document your sources using correct APA style. This paper adheres to a 6 page limit excluding reference and title pages.

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