Interview Assignment Instructions


In order to be an effective counselor, we must learn how to have meaningful interactions with individuals and be able to hear and discuss any topic.  The art of listening is imperative, and this assignment gives you the opportunity to intently listen to another individual, digest information that may be sensitive, interpret non-verbal communication, mood, etc.  You also have the opportunity to reflect with the individual and ask more questions that may naturally arise.  The interview is practice for you not to impose your own opinions or judgements prematurely but maintain an unbiased, subjective point of view listening, and asking clarifying questions while applying insights and prior learning.


Conduct an interview (this is NOT a counseling session) of at least 10 questions with ONE person/couple that currently classifies themselves as the following:


  • Married
  • Separated
  • Divorced
  • Divorced and Remarried
  • Licensed Marriage & Family Counselor


**You may also observe Family Court answering at least 10 questions via observation.


When formulating questions, think of information that may be beneficial to know as a counselor working with individuals in a marriage and family session. The questions must be open-ended considering implications such as the role of religion, cultural influences, environment, family of origin, finances, children, etc.  You may use information from our texts/videos to help you formulate questions (remember to cite/reference information using current APA format when needed).


Explain the assignment requirements to potential interviewees before conducting the interview giving an example question.  Remember to be sensitive to your interviewee as some discussions may elicit painful or strong emotions.

The body of the paper must be 3-5 pages and contain a general summary of the interview along with your personal reaction/what you’ve learned.

  • First 2-4 pages- Include an introduction of the person interviewed (marital status, occupation, education, etc.) with permission of the interviewee. This portion should be no longer than half a page and does not count as part of your 10 questions.

The bulk of your paper will highlight key points of the interview.  Ensure that your paper is not merely a list of answers, but a well thought out, organized summary of your interview.

After your summary, conclude by reflecting upon and analyzing the interviewee’s statements/experiences to identify a common theme within the interview (i.e. loss, miscommunication, loneliness, perseverance, faith, etc.) explaining how and why you chose this theme.  Include Biblical support.

  • Reaction Page-The last, FULL page of your paper will consist of your reaction to the interview including what you deem as beneficial information as a counselor, what you learned through this process, and how faith has an impact on your reaction.


**The full transcript of the interview (questions and answers) must be TYPED as an appendix to the paper.  Proper current APA format must be followed; however, a Title Page and Reference Page are not required for this assignment.





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