Research Paper: Title Page, Outline, and Reference Page Assignment Instructions


Organization and clarity of thought are key components when processing information and vital within the mental health field.  Supporting key thoughts is crucial to helping others since up-to-date research has the ability to provide hope and healing for many when implemented in an effective manner.  You will utilize this assignment to organize information discovered through your research.  The outline will provide a skeleton of solid research as the foundation used for your final paper.


In preparation for the final submission of the Research Paper: Final Research Paper Assignment, you will submit the Research Paper: Title Page, Outline and Reference Page Assignment. This assignment requires you to focus on current APA format, therefore it is essential that you adhere to the standards of the current APA manual when formatting your work. A total of 8 outside sources are needed in addition to your textbook and the Bible. Outside sources may be peer-reviewed journal articles or books written on the topic.

Review the following requirements before submitting this assignment:

  • Must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document, adhering to current APA format.
  • Title page must include all necessary information according to the 7th edition, APA manual.
  • Using current APA format, you will create a Working Outline of the Body of your paper as the next step towards your Research Paper: Final Research Paper Assignment. Write 1-3 sentences per point and subpoint with research reference support cited per current APA format.  Include all sources listed in your Reference Page.  See the format below.
  1. Main point 1
  2. Supporting evidence
  3. Connect to next point/research finding
  4. Main point 2
  5. Supporting evidence
  6. Connect to next point/next research finding
  7. Main point 3

1.Supporting evidence

  1. Connect to next point/research finding


*You may include more points/subpoints if necessary.

  • Your reference page must be formatted correctly (alphabetical order, double spaced, etc.) and include a minimum of 8 outside sources published within the past 5 years, in addition to your course textbook and the Bible. When writing your paper, you must be sure to utilize in-text citations that include the specific version of the Bible that is being referenced.


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