Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

1) Discussion should be 3-4 paragraphs in length, detailing your thoughts and position using 2-3 readings references for support.  Include 1-2 well thought out questions from which a response can be generated for further discussion.

Scenario: You are the manager of a local health clinic. You are preparing informational material for the community on various health subjects. Choose and research one specific STI that is prevalent in your community. You will create a brochure that highlights the risk factors, mode of transmission, and population most at risk (i.e. Asian males between the ages of 16 and 24), how to recognize signs/symptoms, details about ways to stop the spread of the infection, and how to get treatment.

  1. Include the common name, scientific name, mode of transmission, and any vaccines available against the STI.
  2. Describe the incubation period after transmission, symptoms, and infectiousness. Include the typical course of disease once acquired, treatment options, and morbidity rate of the STI if no treatment is sought.

2) Choose two infections caused by different pathogens that have similar symptoms. Examples include two infections, both of which can be transmitted through sexual contact such as, bacterial vaginosis and vaginal fungal infection (although not STIs these conditions are classified as sexually associated) or herpes and gonorrhea which can both cause sores in the genital area.

  1. What is the organism, etiology, transmission, symptoms, clinical signs, treatment, and prognosis of each disease?
  2. What examinations, diagnostic tests, or characteristics of the organisms would allow medical professionals to distinguish between the two and deliver an accurate diagnosis to the patient?
  3. If the patient were misdiagnosed with one infection while they actually have the other, how would they be treated and what would be the effect (or absence of effect) of the treatment? How can clinicians attain more accuracy in diagnosis and treatment for disease?

Center for Disease Control and Prevention. (2019, April 12). Vaginal Candidiasis. Retrieved from

Refer to your reading assignments for additional resources.

The Learning Journal entry should be a minimum of 400 words and not more than 750 words. Use APA citations and references if you use ideas from the readings or other sources.


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