Chapter 4 Quiz

How is language development for children with IDD different from same age peers?


Question options:

There is a rate difference and a qualitative difference.

It is not substantially different.

It is sparser, but the content difference is negligible.

There is a qualitative difference but no rate difference.

There are fewer children classified as having IDD in recent years because of changes in the way disabilities are identified and classified.

Question options:

The degree to which individuals meet the standards of personal independence and social responsibility expected of their age and cultural group is an indication of their


Question options:

adaptive skills.

intelligence quotient.

physical maturity.

moral development.

The definition of IDD requires that there be limitations in

Question options:

intellectual functioning

motor skills


adaptive skills

intellectual functioning and adaptive skills.

Although _________________-original work was with children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, it is now widely applied to the teaching of young typically developing children.

Question options:





The most obvious characteristic of children who are mildly or moderately intellectually disabled is limited

Question options:

cognitive ability.

motor ability

verbal ability

emotional ability.

The intensity of support for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities is measured as

Question options:

primary, secondary, and tertiary.

mild, moderate, severe, and profound.

dependent and independent.

intermittent, limited, extensive and pervasive.

The term “mental retardation” has been largely abandoned in favor of “intellectual and developmental disabilities” because of the negative connotation of the term.


Question options:

David Wechsler developed                               that are widely used to assess IDD.

Question options:

group tests of intelligence

individual tests of intelligence

adaptive behavior scales

achievement tests

_________________include interpersonal skills, responsibility, self­-esteem, gullibility, and naïveté.

Question options:

Motor skills

Perception skills

Social skills

Cognitive skills

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