Chapter 5 Quiz

An ASD condition that resembles autism but is a progressive neurological disorder is

Question options:

Turner’s syndrome.

Rhett syndrome.

Angelman syndrome

Kanner’s syndrome.

Sergio exhibits the social problems typical of autism but he is highly intelligent and has age-appropriate language skills. What is the name of this type of autism?


Question options:

Child disintegrative disorder


Rhett syndrome

Asperger’s syndrome

During the 1960s and 1970s, there was a widespread belief that the cause of autism was

Question options:

a lack of oxygen to the brain

a head trauma prior to the child’s first birthday.

poor nutrition.

a cold and unfeeling mother.

Autism is treatable

Question options:

Current research suggests that autism spectrum disorders have a genetic component.

Question options:

Autism can result in serious developmental delay in many areas, especially in the area of


Question options:

visual capacity.

muscle tone and coordination.

social and communication skills

physical growth.

Which of the following is NOT one of the characteristics identified by Michael Rutter as almost always present in children with autism?



Question options:

Failure to develop social relationship

Lower than average intelligence

Language retardation with impaired comprehension

Ritualistic or compulsive behaviors

ASD can be correctly recognized in children as young as

Question options:

6 months

2 years old

6 years old

10 years old

The term autism spectrum disorders refers to a variety of disorders affecting the child’s


Question options:

cognitive and academic abilities.

 academic abilities.

cognitive abilities.

social development and ability to communicate.

One of the disorders included under autism spectrum disorders is

Question options:

developmental communication disorder.

pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified

developmental hypersensitivity disorder.

developmental attentional disorder

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