characterizing healthcare

What are some of the major trends currently characterizing healthcare, and what are their implications for marketing?

In two diferent paragraph give your personal opinion to Felita Daniel-sacagiu and Tyler Blevins

Tyler Blevins

The world is ever changing day in and day out. We have daily advances in technology, we have a very diverse group of individuals that seek care, and the population continues to grow steadily. With all of these factors taken into account, healthcare organizations have to figure out a way to market their products successfully. There are several ways to this. One of the best ways is to keep up with the times. What i mean by this is that social media is very prevalent in today’s times. One of the best ways to market is to market with the times. Technology and media advances call for marketing strategies that fall into these realms. Another way to market is to have a diverse approach. Show that your organization cares about all patients, regardless of race, gender, or any other factor that may turn them away. Have ads and commercials that show your organization caring for all these diverse groups. Showing patients that your organization truly cares and keeping up with the times, will allow for a successful marketing organization.

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Felita Daniel-sacagiu

People are now educating themselves regarding their health, treatment, treatment options and the quality of competing providers.  The growing healthcare environment is driving consumer behavior to be more informed thus becoming more empowered and in control of their healthcare. More patients are also price comparing and shopping for quality, more affordable services.

Patients are asserting greater control over with health and healthcare.  Its important to be successful for a marketing strategy keep current with the shifting healthcare landscape, incorporating new ideas.  A truly integrated, successful marketing program requires a cross-disciplinary approach that leverages patient insights (Evariant, 2019).  Marketers must be knowledgeable and provide quick answers to questions and provide information promptly via/service lines, patient portals, or physician directories.

This shift in the healthcare environment requires the marketer to be proactive, more efficient, effective, and personal.  Successful marketing strategies are designed to meet the demands of the more informed, quality and price conscious, healthcare shopper.

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