Chronic Disease


Congestive heart failure which is a chronic illness and according to the  Current heart failure report(2012) the Medicare Advisory Commission stated that 30 day re-admissions accounts for 15 billion of Medicare cost .The staggering cost of Congestive Heart Failure linked with pay for performance , has been quite costly to organizations due to governmental regulations regarding readmission frequencies within thirty days of discharge. Chronic Disease Management programs are one of the measures in place to assist hospital and third party insurers to assist with congestive heart failure re-admissions. Evidence-based information that are peered reviewed by specialist in the field of heart and lung are gathering information to review which best model could decrease hospitalization and re-admission within thirty days of hospital discharge. A systematic approach will be used in this manuscript to provide evidence to date that utilizes a multidisciplinary approach in identifying if this approach is effective in reducing hospital readmission thus reducing cost. The audience that has great interest in this evidenced based information will have an impact on decisions that affect and impact .Benefit magazine (2012) to stay ahead of the curve to treat today’s participant/patients and working to keep tomorrow group healthy ,we will need a framework that can be rapidly adapted. (p.4)

Keywords: Cost, Chronic Disease, Congestive Heart Failure


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McNutt, L. (2012). Gathering and Using Data for Value-Based Health Care Initiatives: How Data Can and Should Define Strategies. Benefits Magazine, 49(6), 30. Retrieved from

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