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Although medical technology brings numerous benefits, what have been some of the main challenges posed by the growing use of medical technology in the United States?

Medical technology is a practical application of the scientific body of knowledge and to improve the delivery of medical care. It has also benefitted from other applied sciences, including physics, chemistry, engineering, etc (Shi & Singh, 2019). Nanomedicine is a known emerging area of medical technology that requires manipulation of materials at the atomic and molecular levels and it has been benefitting in discovering the cure for cancer. Some examples that medical technology involves around include Diagnostic Equipment, Equipment and devices to render treatment, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Procedures, and Facilities and organizational systems.

Some of the main challenges posed by the growing use of medical technology are Cultural beliefs and values, when and where American medical graduates can provide their care(Medical training and practice), how would the insurance cover the appointment, and the technology used (insurance coverage), and who among the providers can use what technology (competition among providers) (Shi & Singh, 2019). An example of how medical technology could be the main challenge is concerning Covid-19. According to El Haj, Covid-19 has demonstrated the need for new medical technologies to fight off diseases such as portable ventilators and respiratory assistive devices useable throughout the world and underdeveloped countries. A challenge within this example is with those new technological devices, questions such as “who would the new technology go to and who would need it more” and “what state is in need of it most”. There are also different impacts that medical technology creates in Quality of Care, Quality of life, Health Care Costs, Access, Structure and Processes of Health Care Delivery, Global Medical Practice, and Bioethics. These effects overlap and can make it difficult to pinpoint what type of technology you exactly need for that person’s care.


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