clearly define

You are required to select one of the five topics listed below and clearly define one focused and specific ethical question relevant to your chosen topic which you will analyse in both assignments 1 and 2.The five topics areMedia, advertising or journalism (including social media);The operating, investing or financing activities of multinational business organisations;The taking of human or non-human life;Artificial intelligence, robots, or any new technology;Equity, diversity, multiculturalism, immigration (in the workforce or society).Instruction:Select one of the five topics.By carefully following the extensive guidelines provided in the Study Guide clearly and concisely define one specific ethical question relevant to one of the five topics inExplain why your specific ethical problem is important and worthy of your analysis?Identify and fully reference 6 key facts relevant to the analysis of your ethical question.Analyse the ethical act central to your ethical question using act utilitarianism by forecasting three important positive and three important negative consequences.Provide an ethical conclusion which compares expected positive with negative consequences including an estimate as to whether net utility will rise or fall.

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