Clinical Diagnosis

Answer the following questions:

  1. Briefly differentiate between Clinical Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis
  2. Describe the use of Percussion Hammer or reflex Hammer
  3. Definition and use of the Tuning Fork
  4. Characteristics of Otoscope and Audioscope
  5. Describe and differences between Examination Light and Gooseneck Lam and your responsibilities as Medical Assisting in proper working.
  6. Describe the use of Laryngeal Mirror and Laryngoscope
  7. Briefly differentiate between Anoscope, Proctoscope, and Sigmoidoscope.
  8. Characteristics and importance of the inspection in the Physical examination
  9. Enumerate the responsibilities of the Medical Assistant during Physical examination
  10. Enumerate the patient examination positions.
  11. Why is the patient supine for palpation of the breast?
  12. Which are the best positions for female genitalia and rectum examination
  13. Explain the best position for the Chest, Breast, and abdomen.
  14. Importance of the Groin’s examination and your concept of a hernia.
  15. Explain the recommendations of general physical examination for patients age 20 to 40 years
  16. Explain the recommendation of the American Cancer Society for women related to Pap smear.
  17. Describe the Body’s Warning Signals as early warning signs of cancer
  18. Relate the warning signals that should not be ignored in their children.
  19. Enumerate the recommendation in immunizations of The Center for Diseases Control and Prevention for all adults
  20. Which is your conduct if you are assisting the Physician during a genital and pelvic examination on a disabled female patient?

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