“common understandings”

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Module Four Discussion

Review the text on pages 14-19. Examine each of the roles described. What might be some management challenges of getting all these folks on the same sheet? If you were the BC(M or O), what kinds of activities would you put into practice on a yearly basis in order to promote a true team spirit based on BC needs? After all, the manager of any enterprise should be its top cheerleader! Use two credible online citations in your response. Use APA format when citing them, of course.
Step one: Read Chapter 2 in its entirety. There is much in the form of “common understandings” in those pages. Step two: You are asked to find one important principle and develop a two-three -paragraph expansion in order to make the concept clearer. Do not use any outside sources here. As well, indicate why you chose that principle to discuss. Take your time with this one just to make sure your points are well taken. Remember, do not use any direct quotes from the text or other source. Your paraphrasing will do the job nicely.

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