Communication plays

Communication plays an important role in both our personal and professional lives. Miscommunication can be stressful and costly. A recent study found that 83% of employees have witnessed their colleagues say something that has had a catastrophic impact on their careers and/or reputations. To attempt to recover from miscommunication, it is best to acknowledge how others feel, admit when you’ve made a mistake, and express sincere regret.

For this week’s challenge, we’re going to ask you to consider a time when you miscommunicated.

Challenge Prompt: 

Again, consider a time you miscommunicated something to someone. Complete your challenge write-up by answering the challenge prompt (noted below) with an organized, well-written response rather than simply just answering the questions.  Be sure your response is thorough and connects to the learning materials for this week.

  • Describe the situation/context? Describe the relationship BEFORE the miscommunication occurred?
  • Describe what was said? What had you meant to say?
  • Describe what happened after the miscommunication? How did the other person respond? What did you do/say?
  • What is your relationship like now? In other words, how, if at all, did the miscommunication affect your relationship? Were there consequences from this miscommunication?

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