Compile Questions for a Stakeholders Questionnaire

Week 4 – Assignment: Compile Questions for a Stakeholders Questionnaire


This assignment reflects the importance of planning for implementation. This week, you explored the importance of identifying the “who, what, and when” in implementation science. In this assignment, you will act as the researcher implementing an intervention in your organization or community on the topic (topic:  Improving of collaboration in healthcare) you chose in Week 1.

During this planning phase, identify the internal and external stakeholders that are important to the problem you are trying to address.

Prepare a written proposal for your intervention (topic:  Improving of collaboration in healthcare) that includes the following:

Identify stakeholders and explain their importance.

·         Develop 10 questions that will help these stakeholders identify what component or the intervention that will help improve health outcomes associated with your topic.

·         Provide one paragraph after each proposed question detailing what information you hope to gain from this question.

·         Conclude with a summary of how these stakeholders and questions will aid in the planning phase of the implementation science for your chosen topic.

Length: 4-6 pages, not including title and reference pages

References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources.

The completed assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. The content should reflect scholarly writing and current 7th edition of APA standards.


Please, Belina, can you read these two feedbacks from my professor on the last two Assignments you did. Thank you for everything.

Feedback for Week 1 – Assignment: Explain the Benefits of Implementation Science

Overall Feedback

Abejide, I can tell you really understand why implementation science is important for improving healthcare collaboration. This will be an interesting research project for you! I like the idea regarding AI and technology.  I was a little confused about the question you plan on researching.  Is it “How to collaborate in healthcare?” I would narrow this down a bit to a department or even how to collaborate between nurses and doctors or something that’s less broad. It looks like you are already brainstorming ways to make collaboration happen.  Just narrowing it some – you discuss nurses several times. Simply – improving healthcare collaboration amongst the nursing staff would be good, as well. There are several APA issues in this paper.  I would look at the writing center and sample papers regarding headings. There are also some citations missing.

Feedback for Week 2 – Assignment: Evaluate Systematic Review Strategy in Research

Overall Feedback

Abejide, you’ve done an excellent job in detailing the problem and concisely writing out the findings. I think the one concern is that “effectiveness” can be a bit vague. I would detail what that means in terms of the application to your study.  Remember to include links to the sources. Good identifying the type of study conducted. What do you mean “subcategory”? Can you give some examples of what you would have liked to see? Also, remember for recommendations to be specific. Good identifying the type of study conducted. What do you mean “subcategory”? Can you give some examples of what you would have liked to see?

NOTE: This topic:  Improving of collaboration in healthcare might likely be what my dissertation is going to base on, hence, I need to convince the Professors FROM THE ONSET that I know what I am talking about on the Topic, that is, knowing the topic IN-TO-TO. Thank you. Also, the 7th edition of the APA standard must be curiously noted, please. If it is not done accordingly, it takes a lot of marks away from me.


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