Comprehensive Child and Adolescent Counseling Benchmark Instructions

As the culminating benchmark assignment for this course, you will integrate learning from all course modules/weeks. Each component within the benchmark will be specific to the chapters and concepts discussed in course readings. This will take considerable time; plan ahead and work on this assignment throughout the course. Your answers must be typed into the template in LiveText; this assignment is submitted in LiveText, not in Blackboard.


You are required to purchase LiveText for this course and for completion of this program, since LiveText access is required for all classes in the program. LiveText is a one-time purchase. This is not optional. This assignment is due in Module/Week 6, so make sure you have purchased LiveText prior to Module/Week 6.


When completing the benchmark, each component must mirror the headings on the grading rubric. The grading rubric contains detailed questions and expectations for each component. Each heading is a separate section of the template in LiveText. The headings for the assignment are listed below:


  • Developmental Considerations in Counseling
  • Individual Counseling Process
  • Ethical Considerations and Theoretical Approaches
  • Multicultural Counseling and Transition Programming
  • Counseling At-Risk Children/Adolescents
  • Writing
  • Scholarly Writing


You will type (or cut and paste) the answers to each component directly into each section of the rubric provided in LiveText. Do not attach the benchmark as a file in LiveText; it will not be accepted as a file attachment. You may attach the requested assignments/documents for components 3 and 4. (This is the only time an attachment is allowed within the benchmark assignment.)


You must cite at least 3 peer-reviewed articles in this assignment. Please contact the Writing Center or publisher of the journal, or research the journal using the internet, to determine whether your selected journal is peer-reviewed. Use single spacing in the template with double spaces between paragraphs. Use current APA format for all references and citations.


Under each heading in the template, you must fully respond to the prompts/questions posed or information requested in the grading rubric in complete sentences.


This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 6.

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