Please see the attachment to help you complete the assignment:

Exploring a consolidated and standardized approach to business operations at Be Well Health is a major undertaking for the organization and you want to do everything you can to make sure it is successful. You believe that providing professional development for yourself as the PM and the workgroup team member will increase your chance of success.

For the last part of your course project, you will use the Professional Development Plan (PDP) template to create two (2) professional development plans; one for yourself as the PM and the second for a workgroup team member. To complete this assignment, include the following:

  • First, identify your own skill strengths and weaknesses. Use this information to create your professional development plan as the PM.
  • Second, reflect on someone you work with or know with different skill strengths and weaknesses from you. Create goals for the team member which differ from the goals on your professional development plan.  Be creative.
  • Third, compile previously completed and graded module project pieces; Parts I, II, III, and IV.

Your final course project submission will synthesize your learning in strategic leadership, organizational leadership, principles of management and communication through identification of problem solving and decision making.

To help guide the completion of the Professional Development Plan (PDP), below is an example.  Use action verbs to establish steps to achieve goal.

Example Scenario: Your daughter wants to get a dog and you want her to succeed with the dog so you talk over responsibility, upcoming changes to the household and her personal time. For her success with the dog, you prepare a Personal Development Plan prior to adopting the dog.

Goal: Teach dog potty training, leash walking and proper dog etiquette for public activities.

Steps to Achieve Goal:

  • Research dog training methods to ensure the best approach is taken with the dog.
  • Identify and select a preferred method of training.
  • Establish a timeline and goals for training.
  • Complete training on potty manners, then leash walking and finally on dog etiquette.
  • Validate success by demonstrating skills to mentor.

Your final project should be 7-10 pages in length, not including references. APA format is required and final submission should include a title page, references, and in-text citations. Your reference page must have a minimum of five (5) references brought in from your project parts.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.


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