continuation assignment

I attached week two log.

This is a continuation assignment, please use the same one i attached and write more.

Use the same Attachment. Continue with the log. Type Two page more.

**Proofread what I wrote and continue to write in the same log.

No reference or Title Page Needed. No plagiarism. No APA Format

Professor Comments:

**Use Interpersonal Relationship, Orientation Phase, working Phase

** Need to evoke more conversation.

** Using your therapeutics techniques.

1. Choose a child.

2. Make at least one home visit and interact with primary caregiver, family.

3. Construct a genogram.

4. Include a cultural assessment of family.

5. Maintain a log of time, verbatim interactions, and submit monthly.

6. Participate in weekly discussions

7. Perform a Denver Developmental Survey with Child.


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