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Choose a case dealing with a question of whether a patient was given proper informed consent before a medical procedure or a case dealing with whether the patient was given proper informed consent in relation to withdrawal of medical treatment. You will need to give the facts of your case, the decision (holding) of the court, and the reasoning of the court. You will also need to explain, in detail, the elements of informed consent and why the informed consent was correct or incorrect.

Finding case law is different than searching for other types of law. A legal professional would, most likely, use the legal search engines, Westlaw or Lexis, but these websites can be very expensive and very difficult to navigate for someone without specific training.

The easiest websites for a non-legal professional to use to search for case law are:

This paper should be at least two pages, using proper APA 7th edition format. Please be aware of how to cite case law in APA format; see this resource for assistance:

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