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Thread: Students and staff of the school’s co-ed golf team were on the way home (at night) from an away golf tournament when the bus was involved in an accident with another vehicle about 45 miles from their school. The school bus was carrying 9 students and 2 adults at the time of the accident. After being struck by the other vehicle, the bus rolled off the side of the road and down a sharp embankment. Another car witnessed the accident and called 9-1-1. Two students and the golf coach were ejected from the bus and did not survive.  Three students were air-lifted to two different hospitals in the nearby metro area. The remaining students and the bus driver were treated at the scene and taken to a local hospital for further evaluations.


  • Identify the roles, skills, and responsibilities of the professional school counselor after he/she receives word of the school emergency.

Then, use the NEA School Crisis Guide to answer the following questions. (You may also use additional resources to support your suppositions.)

  • The NEA School Crisis Guide (National Education Association, 2018) mentions ten steps to consider within the first hour of a crisis. Which of the ten steps would apply to this situation? Is there something that should be done differently since it happened off campus and at night? What steps should occur within the first 12 hours? On day two? Within the first week? Give three considerations that will need to take place during the recovery period. As a school counselor, what signs and symptoms should you be looking for in students or staff members to determine their mental health stability after a traumatic event? Given the scope of this tragedy, what self-care steps should a professional school counselor use to maintain their own mental health stability?


  • How could the faith community help the school counselor and the school community during this time of crisis?

Submit your thread by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Thursday, and submit your replies by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday.

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